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Learn about Under-Represented Inventors (URIs), identify the opportunity to increase engagement and raise internal awareness.


Determine your baseline inventor data.


Examine and explore root cause(s) and potential solutions for each group of URIs and implement programming aimed at increasing engagement.

Once you get your data, now what?

Data – Lessons learned from the front lines on how to establish your baseline, how to analyze your data for anomalies and/or bias and where to focus your first efforts. Panel with: Robert PechmanChief IP Counsel, Seagate Technology LLC Jason…

Ally & Advocate

Benchmark your organization’s data for your selected URI. Advocate and raise awareness of underrepresented inventors.

Uncovering the “hidden figures” of innovation

Women remain woefully under-represented among IP-owning inventors. Facebook and 3M provide exclusive insight into what they are doing to boost female innovation – strategies from which other companies could benefit. Authors: Suzanne Harrison, Charu Kurani, Jeremiah Chan and Sandra Nowak…


The Diversity Pledge was designed to facilitate collaboration among corporations who collectively represent the largest filers of US patents. Founding pledgees include over 25 companies spanning a variety of industries including consumer products, telecommunications, social media, software, finance and biologics among others.  We hope many more companies join the founding pledgees to make actionable and measurable change in increasing diversity in innovation with their current employee base.  


Suzanne Harrison
USIPA, Diversity & Inclusion

Bowman Heiden
UC Berkeley Fung Institute